First class travel for your suit.

SuitPack has a rigid, hollow cavity which isolates and protects your suit's shoulders, sleeves and trousers' front rise, protecting your suit in a way not provided by traditional soft-sided garment bags. The simple, step by step folding instructions and internal sleeve supports allows your suit to be effectively suspended within the SuitPack, preventing the creasing that would normally occur with standard carry-on luggage. SuitPack is an absolute necessity for any business traveller who wants to look unruffled, smart and professional when travelling.

Avoid the "fold and hope" approach of traditional garment carriers.

SuitPack is a suit carrying system that allows travellers to arrive at their destination totally confident that their suit will present "ready to wear". Having been developed in conjunction with both the Fabric and Textiles Division of a leading International Science Agency, and a renowned Product Development Consulting Company, we used their test facilities to replicate temperature, humidity and pressure conditions that are typically experienced during travel, and their combined expertise to provide us with insight into the characteristics and components that an effective suit carrier should have.

Trudi JFrequent Traveller
Great Service. Speedy dispatch. Great product.
Paul EadieFrequent Traveller
SuitPack is the only suit carrier that I have tried that gives me a truly crease-free suit, ready to wear as soon as I get off the plane.
Elizabeth KerrExecutive
A must-have product for any business traveller.

Suitpack Travel – you and your suit always arrive unruffled.