The scientifically designed suit packing system that never fails to leave your suit ready to wear on arrival.

Controls the folds

Our fold sequence physically supports the material and follows the suit’s natural lines.

Withstands crushing

The design includes a rigid, hollow cavity which isolates and protects the shoulders, sleeves and trouser’s front rise.

No coat-hanger

We focused on how to flat pack a suit rather than just adapting a device designed to hang one.

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SuitPack Tailored

A packing solution which allows suit manufacturers, distributors and retailers to reliably pack, receive and deliver a suit "ready to wear".

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SuitPack Travel

A luggage piece that allows travellers to arrive at their destination totally confident that their suit will present "ready to wear".  Avoid the "fold and hope" approach of traditional garment carriers.

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Award Winning Design
A product that packs a suit like no other.

Every curve, fold, attachment and surface of our award winning design has been analysed and refined to remove crease and wrinkle forming conditions